No kidding! Just 2 weeks here, I’m already sick of eating out (which includes braving the cold!) and the food here. And so yes, I’m finally determined to learn how to cook! It’s more for survival really. Eating out everyday is not an option here and unless I (and hubby) can stand eating lousy food for 2 years, I need to know how to cook.

Fortunately, my mother and MIL are just a phone call away. I tried cooking this pork with potatoes dish yesterday and it turned out rather crappy. It’s one of my MIL’s specialty. I was thinking, sliced pork and potatoes, what can go wrong? But the potatoes weren’t soft enough, the pork became too tough and everything was quite bland. After the failed attempt, I called my MIL and found out that I should have steamed the potatoes first to soften them. MIL patiently went through the steps with me. I tried to cook the dish again today. Hubby commented that it tasted much better and in fact, it tasted quite good (yay!). But it still tasted slightly different from my MIL’s version and also, MIL’s version looked much appetizing!

I hope hubby won’t get too sick of eating the same few dishes for the next few weeks until I get them right!