It was snowing more heavily today. Just a 5 minutes walk outside and I’m all covered in snow! But anyone who has been though the real winter here will tell us that what we experience today is just a scratch on the surface. And that means I will need to get my water-proof, wind-proof and everything-proof jacket real soon!

We got our ice skates today and we are all ready for some ice-skating actions! I can’t wait for the big lake to freeze but for now, we’ll warm up at the ice-skating rink outside town.


Well, something terrible happened today though. We left our camera at the sports shop and when we returned to the shop, the shop is closed. It won’t be opened till Monday 10am. Over here, it’s really a conscious effort to take note of your stuffs because we usually wear/bring alot of things with us. Please let us find our camera on Monday. =X