The weather is getting more insane by the day. Many of us didn’t expect winter to come so early and the temperature to drop so drastically. It only started snowing by mid december last year so winter is a month earlier this year.

I’m already in my full armour:
Body: long john, wool sweater, fleece jacket and down jacket
Legs: Long john, jeans, 2 pairs of socks (including one pair of thick wool socks)
Accessories: Beanie, scarf, leather gloves and hand warmers
But I’m still VERY COLD! Especially today where we went to the outskirts for some snow sled actions. My toes and fingers practically went numb, yes, even with the hand warmers in my gloves.

I’m just thinking what I can add to my armour for January. I heard that the temperature went down to -25 degree celsius last year in Jan and they are expecting this year’s winter to be colder. Well, Maybe I will add 2 more layers of clothes, 1 more layer of leggings (omg, my jeans are already very tight!) and heat pads for my poor toes too.

I’m not too sure if I will get used to/embrace the cold eventually, but I am really enjoying this experience of going through a harsh winter. To more Snowball fights, snowman, snow sled and snow storm! Here are some pictures to share: