I saw this mee kia look-alike pasta, fedelini in supermarket the other day and immediately, I thought of BAK CHOR MEE!!!

We got to improvise and make do with whatever we have since many Chinese ingredients are not available here. For instance, I stupidly did not ship any 香菇 over and so I have to use stewed fresh mushrooms. And of course, we cannot ship mee kia nor mee pok over, so this fedelini is really a good substitute.

While cooking mee hoon kueh and bak chor mee, I actually had the hawker aunties and uncles as my source of inspiration! LOL. It really pays waiting in the queue and watching the uncles and aunties prepare the dishes. So here’s the sauce for the noodles based on what I think they added: ketchup, soy sauce, oil, vinegar

And the aunties and uncles will cook the noodles first then the minced pork in boiling water using a sieve:

And here’s the bak chor mee!