CNY is coming and honestly, what I missed most about the festival is the food! Bak kwa, pineapple tarts and of course all the dishes my mum and MIL will whipped out during reunion dinner. This is also the first time I’m missing reunion dinner with my parents! And this must be the worst CNY for them because my brother, me and their 2 months old grandson aren’t in SG. =/

Anyway, the little Singaporean community here in Karlskrona is getting excited for CNY. Many families have started their CNY goodies production line at home. I want to kick myself for not being serious during all the pineapple tarts baking sessions with my mummy in SG. LOL. I don’t think I ever sat through the entire session too (either I overslept or I ran off halfway) and that’s why I only remember bits and pieces of the instructions and ingredients.

Fortunately (for me), many of the wives here are great bakers! I was helping out at a pineapple tarts baking session the other day and my one day pay (for rolling the pineapple paste into balls, wrapping the paste with the dough and spreading egg yolk on the tarts) is a container of pineapple tarts! =D