I thought that painting the last chair would be a breeze. I mean it’s the third time I’m doing this right? On the contrary, it was the most challenging painting the last chair!

First, we couldn’t decide on the colour. Blue and orange were my initial choice, but I wasn’t really sure how the two colours will look together. To visualize the combination, I painted some parts of the chair blue and orange. But the colours didn’t turn out great and I painted the chair white again. Then I remembered I had some red paint left (they were meant for the second chair) so why not do a red, blue and white chair? I told SH about my new choice of colours and he gave me the idea of using the American flag as the inspiration! =D

The painting process was smooth until the last bit. As I removed the masking tapes, some of red and white paint came off with them. I had to do retouching for the red and white stripes which were the most difficult part of the chair to paint.

But having said all these, I felt the greatest sense of achievement when the chair is completed! Probably because it’s the last chair and the most challenging to paint of all. Here’s how the last chair looks like:

Which is your fav? The green, pink or blue chair?

SH is dying to throw the old shoe racks away. So I guess you will see my post on saving the shoe rack pretty soon! =D