Let’s see if I can put my thoughts down properly into words.

While I really appreciate my new life now, there are times when I just can’t help thinking about what I can achieve if I’m still in SG. For the past four months, my life revolved around the mundane activities like cooking and doing housework. These things used to be very insignificant and now, they are my ‘key performance indicators’. But cooking a good meal or finishing all the housework just can’t give the same sense of accomplishment from teaching and makeup or simply put, I just don’t feel proud being a good housewife. On some bad days, I feel pretty lousy about having nothing to define my success and achieving nothing everyday.

This is really not a post to elicit empathetic comments to cheer myself up. In fact, I sorted out my thoughts a few weeks back and I’m feeling all good and motivated now. =D

Guess I wasted enough time resenting about my unexciting life as a housewife and if I continue to do so, I’m dead certain I will regret about wasting my stay here when I return to SG. I used to dream about having time to do what I love, but yet I’m being such an oxy-moron by doing ‘nothing’ here. So for a couple of days, I sat by the window with my notebook, scribbling down my goals and plans. And I realized that there were so many things I could do but I just didn’t make enough effort previously. Though I’m unsure if all my plans will work, I believe things will happen if I don’t quit trying. Seek and I will find!