It’s been 4 months since I moved to Sweden and it’s high time to show you guys around my Sweden home! I am going to dedicate one post every Sunday to blog about my little second home and the small town I live in.

So welcome to my home! Follow me to the living room first! =D

The living room is rather spacious so we divided it into 3 corners: TV-couch potatoes corner, Piano-music corner, Bar table-chill  & relax corner. Here’s the TV-couch potatoes corner:

Guess some of you might find the furnitures very familiar. Of course, they must be from Ikea! The green rug is from a local rug shop. We really appreciate having rugs around our house as they make a place looks snug, cosy and colourful, demarcate corners in a room and insulate us from the very cold floor!

The maroon wall looks really bare now. We are thinking of decorating it with photos from our trips but haven’t got down to doing it. =b

Well, I’m going to save the next two corners for next week! So stay tune! LOL.