It has been a busy but eventful week but I’m going to save the account on how I spent my week for the next post. And I really shouldn’t sidetrack from my VTMH (Välkommen till Mitt Hem) post!

As promised, it’s going to be a tour around my bedroom.

The bed is on the right of the room. You can see my four little kiddos resting on the bed. LOL. We bought the mattress and bed frame from a local furniture shop. The mattress is really comfy and thus SH and I are thinking of shipping it back when we return to SG. There’s just a small problem. The fitted bedsheets in SG do not fit the mattress except those from IKEA. This queen size mattress is bigger than those found in SG and the fitted bedsheets we brought over from home were too small for it.

To the left of the room is my makeup area. I just ‘restyled’ my mirror with a coat of olive green paint and paper flowers. Here’s how it looks like now. I’m really pleased with how the mirror turns out eventually. I will do  a separate post on this DIY mirror project!

Well, next week, we will tour the kitchen!