Hehe, I know it’s Monday and I’m late for VTMH Sunday. I fell asleep really early yesterday. It must be the 7am laundry slot which made me so sleepy the whole day. Or maybe I ate too much for dinner. Or because I was marking some Chemistry papers. Ok, I can’t find any other excuses. You get the idea.

Anyway, Spring is round the corner and it’s really a beautiful sight around my town now. Grass are sprouting, flowers are blooming, sun is shining. It’s still considered winter as the temperature is fluctuating between 5 to 15 degree celsius.

Last Sunday, the weather was really good (it was around 12 degree celsius that day) and we went skating (for the first time in Sweden!) around the lake. And I thought I will show you guys how the lake look like during early winter, mid winter and late winter. It’s the first time I stayed long enough at a place to witness changes with the seasons.

These photos were taken in November, a few days after we arrived in Karlskrona.

These photos were taken in February. The lake was completely frozen and we ice-skated on it!

These photos were taken in April. Shortly after our ice-skating session in February, the lake is melting and it wasn’t safe to walk on the lake anymore.

I think it will be more interesting to see how the lake will look like in Spring, Summer and Autumn. I probably do one VTMH post on the lake a year later then! =D