My life has never felt so ‘balanced’ before.

My typical day starts with a short stroll early in the morning to my school. And it will be an hour or so of teaching Chemistry to the IB students. I will return home after my class and will usually have some time to either read a book, surf the net or study Swedish online before preparing lunch for SH. He’s back at noon and we’ll have lunch together. Then I’ll be at the bridal shop for 3 – 4 hours before heading home to do some baking, read my book or finish some housework/schoolwork etc and prepare dinner. After our dinner, we’ll spend some time together watching movies, playing boardgames, eating icecream or just talking about our day.

A dear friend posted a question recently: Are you spending time on what matters most to you? Her question makes me wonder if I will ever return to full time teaching. In SG, it’s a perpetual struggle to keep everything like family, friends, work, dreams, personal time in equilibrium. Unfailingly, I end up in difficult situations where I have to choose between work and the rest (family, friends, dreams, personal time) and the former prevails (quite regrettably) most of the time. I used to spend so much time working in school, but does this matter most to me?

I think I’m somewhat enlightened by my stay in Sweden. Life can be balanced and happier. Of course, there go my monthly pocket money and big fat bonus at the end of the year! =b