It was over dinner one day that I found out SH’s colleagues, ED is a freelance photographer and GL loves taking pictures. That’s how the idea of doing photoshoots for the Singaporean families in Sweden started! We were waiting for warmer weather and now that Spring is finally here, we went out for our first photoshoot yesterday.

Luz is expecting a baby boy (or maybe a girl or could be a boy) in a few weeks time. Honestly, no one really knows! The swedish doctors and midwives are really secretive about the baby’s gender. We did a maternity photo shoot for her and I gave her a very natural makeup with a side swept messy ponytail.

We had a great time doing the shoot! Since all of us are pretty good friends, it made the whole posing-in-front-of-camera more relax and natural. The photographers are still reviewing their photos and here’s one to share in the meantime!