I love Science and I love the outdoors. And it was one of my dreams in teaching to combine both my passions and bring learning out of the classroom. Thus when Luz asked me along on their Science field trip with her IB1 class to Stora Alljugen, I was really excited.

Stora Alljugen is the largest spring water lake in Blekinge, measuring 6530m from north to south. There are lots of nature parks, rivers, farms etc in Sweden and this makes the job of sourcing for suitable outdoor learning sites easy.

After a briefing by the teacher, the students dispersed to collect data for their projects. I followed 3 groups around the park. The first group collected samples of the lake water and tested the pH. The second group dug holes around trees and tested the pH of the soil. The last group’s project was on ecosystems in the lake and they went into the river to catch dragonfly larvae.

The Biology teacher asked if I would like to try catching some dragonfly larvae and of course I jumped at the chance! They had this waterproof overall which kept me dry in water. And you can see the dragonfly larvae I caught (or rather, scooped up) from the lake in the photo below.

Unfortunately, it started pouring an hour or so later and we had to return to school earlier. Though it was a short trip, I learnt a lot and had fun! And don’t you agree that’s how learning should be? =D