I’m glad that this family camp did take place eventually. During the planning phase, some expressed concerns about the cost, effort and time to put this camp together and the accommodation. It wasn’t easy to please everyone in the group and the event was almost cancelled. Though some did not join us in the end, most went and had a great 3D2N together.

The chalet is 3 hours drive away from Karlskrona. I really like the place. It had an awesome sea view, large fields for the children to run about, fully equipped kitchen and a large common room for meals and indoor activities.

Day 1

SH and I spent the afternoon playing with (and babysitting) all the children outside the chalet. We gathered all the children for some games. And it was really fun for both the children and us playing games from the good old days like “老鹰抓小鸡”, “What time is it, Mr Wolf?” and “Crocodile, crocodile can we cross the river?”.

And dinner was awesome, because I wasn’t the one preparing it! The husbands decided to give the wives a break from cooking and volunteered to prepare most of the meals. After dinner, we had a mini campfire behind the chalet. The children had fun barbecuing marshmallows and collecting twigs for the fire. For the adults, it was really relaxing sitting by the fire, listening to music and enjoying the sunset. The sun sets really slowly now. It’s probably 8.30 pm when I took these photos of the campfire but look how bright it is! After wash up, some of us stayed up for KTV till 1am!

Day 2

I had dim sum for breakfast! Omg, I was just dreaming about having dim sum the other day. Two of the wives woke up early and they prepared 猪肠粉 with char siew and prawns. We bought frozen siew mai and har gao from an Asian shop. After the satisfying breakfast, we went out for some team-bonding games. Everyone was really good sport and simple games like dog and bone, pass the pingpong balls became really fun!l Even my friend who’s 6 months pregnant joined in some games!

After the games, I conducted an art and craft lesson for the children. They decorated photo frames and when they are done, we inserted the group photo and they brought the frames home as mementos.

In the afternoon, the group went for a short hike at a nature park. It reminded me and SH of our ODAC days and gosh, we missed trekking!

The day ended with a BBQ and KTV session (again!) till 1am.

Two of the families are returning to SG for good in June. We are really glad we had this camp and had so much fun together. This 3D2N stay together is definitely something we will remember for the years to come!