SH and I visited Aspö today! Aspö is an island in the Blekinge archipelago of southeast Sweden and around 30 minutes ferry ride away from Karlskrona. This ferry runs hourly, free of charge, between Aspö and Karlskrona.

The island has about 460 permanent residents, with many more visitors staying in summer. Aspö kind of reminded us of Pulau Ubin, minus the hot weather and mosquitoes. Think Pulau Ubin with aircon! Haha. There are several cycling trails around the island and we decided to explore the place by bike.

The most famous attraction on the island is the Queen citadel. An exceptionally preserved fortress, it is one of Sweden’s most important works from the seventeenth century. Most of the fort was built in 1680-1700, but it was not completely finished until mid-1700’s. It remained unchanged and undamaged as it has never in its 300 years been attacked. Unfortunately, our camera battery died on us when we were at the castle so there aren’t a lot of photos to share here. Here are the few photos we took.

And here are more photos of the island (and us) to share!

And my favourite photo of the day!

Hey friends, have a great weekend! =D