Skåneleden is a network of food paths that stretches throughout the province Skåne and comes up to approximately 1000 km. It is divided into 4 main hiking trails and you can read more about them here. We are attempting part of the As-Åsleden or the ridge-ridge trail. It will be a 45 km hike from Röstånga, passing through Söderåsen which is Skåne’s largest national park and finally ending in Åstorp.

We are rather nervous about the trip because 1) we haven’t been trekking for some time and 2) we haven’t camp in the wild in Sweden before. I have checked with my Swedish friend, no bears, tigers, lions in Skåne. Haha, I felt so much better hearing that.

The bags are packed and time to get some sleep. We have a 6.38am train to catch tomorrow!