Few weeks back, I chanced upon a blog by a Singaporean lady, Bing who is currently living in Africa. I love her amazing community service works there to help the underprivileged South Africa children. Her recent post about the African Children’s Feed Scheme (ACFS) really touched my heart. You can find the post here. If you feel for these children and would like to help them, you can make a cash donation to ACFS directly or place a bid for one of the Shwe Shwe Poppis from her.

Photo by Bing

These stuffed toys are hand-sewn by women from the community and are based on drawings produced by the kids at the African Children’s Feeding Scheme’s Malnutrition and Rehabilitation Creche in Zola, Soweto.

From the ACFS website: “21 000 children from poverty-stricken homes are fed daily by ACFS. Many are orphans affected or infected with HIV/Aids – and this could well be their only meal of the day.”