I was really happy when my friend gave me a packet of split mung beans. *punch fist in air* Finally, I can make tau suan for breakfast! And to top it off, she gave me frozen you tiao to go with the dessert. You heard me right, frozen you tiao. I’m beginning to believe that you can freeze anything. Frozen you tiao, frozen pandan leaves, frozen durians, I should probably make a post about all the frozen food products sold in the Asian food stores here! Preparing the you tiao was really easy, just heat them up in the oven for a few minutes and they are ready.

Here’s the final product:

There are two things I must take note of: I used corn starch instead of the recommended potato starch. Bad idea if you don’t intend to eat your tau suan immediately as the dessert became watery rather quickly. Also a bad idea to be cooking tau suan and doing other stuffs at the same time since I can’t multi-task. The mung beans are slightly overcooked and soft. All in all, the dessert still tasted pretty good and we finished everything!