I did a bak chor mee post ages ago and I have been preparing this dish every now and then. It is put in the same I’m-lazy-to-cook + I-have-no-idea-what-to-cook-today category as fried beehoon, spaghetti and fried rice. On worse days, there’s of course still one dish in the I’m-lazy-to-cook + I-have-no-idea-what-to-cook-today + I-only-want-to-wash-ONE-pot category that I can rely upon: The instant noodles. 

Anyway back to version 2 of my bak chor mee, I found chinese dried mushrooms in Sweden, so I don’t have to use braised fresh mushrooms anymore. Chinese dried mushrooms are amazing, they always +10 points to taste and +10 points to appearance of all my dishes instantly. To prove my point, here’s the first version of my bak chor mee:

And with the chinese dried mushrooms, here’s how version 2 looks like!

And not forgetting the bonus points on appearance when it’s SH who took the photo. Better composition: + 10 points, good lighting and flash: + 10 points, digital enhancement: + 5 points.

There! + 35 points to appearance instantly!