It was Singapore’s National Day yesterday. Happy belated 46th birthday Singapore!

When I was younger, my family and I would gather around the TV and watch the National Day Parade (NDP) together. Our favorite section of the celebration must be the over 10 minutes long fireworks display. At my old place in Tampines, we could see those fireworks that are shot higher up into the sky. Hee but most don’t go above the flats. I’m sure we would have seen much more fireworks on TV. Still, when the first fireworks were launched, my brothers and I would run out to the corridors and be very thrilled to catch glimpse of any fireworks.

Last year’s NDP was the most memorable. SH was the contingent commander of the Navy supporting contingent. I had tickets to watch one of the previews live. It’s such an awesome feeling singing the National Anthem, watching the state flag fly past and celebrating her 45 years’ of achievements with other fellow Singaporeans.

And on the actual day, I watched NDP on TV with my students. Yes, my students. I invited them over to my place and most wanted to stay and watch NDP. Two of my students were involved in NDP and everyone was excited to spot them and Mr Wong (aka SH) on TV.

This year, I spent my National Day away from home. I was curious of this year’s National Day theme song and went looking for it in Youtube. Then I started watching videos of the National Day theme songs from previous years. And I got a little teary and very homesick. Honestly, I hate watching these videos, they just make people cry.

Here are some of my all time favorites.

My Island Home by Kaira Gong, National Day 2008 theme song:


Song for Singapore by Corrine May, National Day 2010 theme song:


And I love love love this new arrangement of ‘Home’, performed by 39 local singers. It was first sang by Kit Chan and it is the 1998’s National Day theme song (*gasp* 13 years ago!).