We have been having this dessert for three days in a row and we are just short of replacing dinner totally with it. Hehe.

Blueberry raspberry crumble with our homemade vanilla icecream!

Åsa (aka my boss) made this fruit crumble for dessert when we were over at her place. We loved it so much that I asked her for the recipe immediately. And to my surprise, it was really easy to prepare. Hehe. That’s probably why we could make this every night.

And we got ourselves an icecream maker last month. For the past weeks, we have been keeping ourselves busy in the kitchen making icecream. SH absolutely loves eating icecream so he’s extremely meticulous about the preparation steps and read up a lot on different recipes and ingredients. So when it comes to making icecream, I’m really just the kitchen helper. The vanilla icecream in the photo was prepared entirely by SH and my gawd, it tasted really good.

Let me know if anyone wants the crumble’s recipe. All dessert lovers must try it!