I didn’t realize that I haven’t been blogging for a week! There were a lot of things going on: school started on Monday, had lessons in school and made a gift for my friend who’s returning to SG on Tuesday, farewell dinner for her on Wednesday, did wedding makeup at Qarma on Saturday, did makeup for family photo shoots during both weekends, photo shoot for baby Ethan and baby Chace on Friday night and we are editing all the photos today.

Despite the busy schedule, there’s always time to play and have some fun! We tried light painting at my place after the baby photo shoot. Light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made in a dark place by moving a hand-held light source. It was challenging to imagine how the words and graphics look like laterally inverted and draw them in space. But coming up with ideas, executing the ideas and running to the camera to see how the drawing turns out after each shot was really fun! Here are some photos from the session!

And I must give it to my friend who came up with the idea for this broomstick flying photo shoot. It was hilarious!