[I wrote this few weeks back but didn’t complete the entry till today.]

I had a great chat with an old friend the other day. We talked about our life, dreams and future. I want to pursue makeup. She loves crafts. But at the moment, our skills are just not good enough to make a career out of our hobbies. And with family commitment, the stakes are high when we want to make a living out of our passion. There’re just so much uncertainties along this route. It’s like having a walk in the forest. Instead of following the well-worn and direct track, I wander off into woods. And I’m thinking: Should I turn back? What’s at the end point? Can I make it to the end? On really lousy days, I feel these negative thoughts consuming my will and I just don’t know what I’m doing and how to carry on.

Fortunately for me, I’m blessed with a very supportive husband and very encouraging friends. It was great talking to a friend who’s very much experiencing the same situation as me. The chat left both of us motivated. Instead of worrying about the uncertainties, why not channel the time to develop our skills?

When I went home that day, I shared with SH what we talked about. And he showed me this quote from a book:

” I once heard that three human ingredients will combine to produce success in any field of endeavour: enthusiasm, talent and hard work and that a person can be successful with only two of those attributes as long as one of the two is enthusiasm.”

Not everyone is born with special talents, but this shouldn’t stop us from dreaming big. Let’s turn dreams to reality with enthusiasm and hard work. =D
For all my friends who’re pursuing their dreams too, stay positive and go for it!