And that’s SH I’m referring to! I’m really happy that SH found interest in photography. I love to have my photos taken and it’s a great thing that my hubby loves taking photos now! He HAS to use me as his model and in turn, I have many photos in return. This is win-win. =b

Alright, on a more serious note, I’m happy that he’s into photography now because this hobby complements perfectly with my interest in makeup. We have been working together for some family and makeover shoots in Karlskrona, from conceptualizing themes for the shoots, to meeting our ‘clients’ (lol, they are our friends), planning the makeup and outfits, choosing locations to finally taking and editing the photos. Some of u might know that I set up a lifestyle blog with my dear friend and SH has been helping me take all the photos I need for the blog. Here are some photos from my recent posts at ftashion.

I’m loving this experience. I feel like now with the full support (not just moral support) from SH, I have more confidence and motivation to pursue makeup and possibly make this passion my full time job in the future.