Day 2 was still very cold and gloomy. The wind is so strong that for a couple of times, we were blown a few steps off our track. Fortunately for us, it didn’t rain or snow till evening and we already back in the hotel. Armed with just a paper map, we explored Helsinki on foot today. Honestly, I never knew I could read maps until this trip! lol, of course with me as the navigator, we took more time, walked more steps but, but, but we still got to our destinations eventually!

Helsinki Cathedral was our first destination. Completed in 1852, this prominent landmark overlooks the Senate Square. In addition to serving its own congregation, it also hosts major state and university events.

Right opposite the cathedral is the Senate Square and it is the main central square in Helsinki. A St. Thomas Christmas Market is being held at the square now. There are many interesting stalls selling local handmade products like jewelry, breads and wood crafts.

There is an enormous real Christmas tree erected in the middle of the square. I love how the star at the top seemed to be shining brightly against the dark, looming sky.

It probably sounds really unbelievable but these were all the photos I took today. =/ My fingers were too numb from the cold to want to operate the camera. On our way back to the hotel, we took refuge from the cold wind in different shopping centres.

We’ll be heading to the Suomenlinna island tomorrow so stay tune for more updates!