My last entry was dated a good 4 months ago. Not surprising, since I already have past records that I just can’t sustain a blog for long. My utmost respect for some of my friends make a point to record every event in their life. It’s such a wonderful thing to have all these words and photos to look at and be able to relive all the important moments of their life for many years to come.

Having said that, I know I’m still too lazy to maintain a blog about my daily life. But I will make it a point not to let this blog die. The fact is that I do enjoy reading through all my past entries so I guess this will keep me motivated to pop in and blog once in a while.

The past four months have been really eventful. I started a fashion blog, ftashion with my dear friend Ashley. ftashion is already 10 months old now! Then came my 3 weeks winter holidays with hubby and friends. Karlskrona – Helsinki – Oulu – Stockholm – Kiruna – åre – Karlskrona. Then hubby and I went to Iceland in Jan and Norway in Feb where we finally caught the spectacular Northern light. This ended our grand Europe tour and we prepared ourselves to move home. 1st April, I flew home for the first time in 17 months. Then we spent our next three weeks getting our room ready, unpacking and catching up with families and friends.

That’s a brief summary of what happened in 4 months. And now, I’m recounting these events back in Singapore. I should have an entry dedicated to my Sweden stay. It has been such an awesome stay, I really wouldn’t trade it with anything else. For now, a short entry seems good to get me started and I’ll leave that Sweden entry for another time. See u guys!