About FT

Hello there, my name is Fang Ting and I’m the owner of A Gingerbread House on Sesame Street.

I’m 28, Singaporean and blissfully married to my best friend, Shuhong (SH). He was posted to Sweden for work in Nov 10 and I followed him.

A Gingerbread House on Sesame Street is named after my four ‘kiddos’ and they mean the world to us!

Right now, I’m a part time Chemistry teacher at a Swedish college, part time makeup artist at a bridal shop and of course a part time housewife at home! These are what I love to do: makeup, styling hair, doing handicrafts, hiking, traveling, skating, taking photographs, learning new things.

Here are the things I write about in my blog.

  • Everyday Sweden: My life and friends in Sweden
  • Valkommen till Mitt Hem: Karlskrona, the beautiful naval town and Blekinge, the traditional province I live in
  • The Kitchen Project: The diary of a cooking newbie
  • DIY: My art and craft projects
  • Tittle-taddle: Some of my thoughts that I managed to put down into words
  • Footprints: The cities and countries we visited

Guess these are all you need to know about me. Did I miss out anything? Feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email at sorfangting[at]gmail[dot]com. Drop by again!


3 thoughts on “About FT”

  1. Pei Xuan said:

    Hi there,
    I am peixuan here, your cousin from singapore. How have you been? Thanks for sharing all the places you been to in europe. I love the pictures you took and all the creative handicrafts that you made.
    Continue to take pictures of all the lovely places you’ve been to. Totally awesome!


  2. Just happened to chance upon this. Remember to give kiruna a visit when u have time in the winter, u get to see the northern lights…. and give Bergen and ballestrand a visit in Norway… the fjords are excellent. Ok, enjoy yourself in Sweden!

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