My personal photographer

And that’s SH I’m referring to! I’m really happy that SH found interest in photography. I love to have my photos taken and it’s a great thing that my hubby loves taking photos now! He HAS to use me as his model and in turn, I have many photos in return. This is win-win. =b

Alright, on a more serious note, I’m happy that he’s into photography now because this hobby complements perfectly with my interest in makeup. We have been working together for some family and makeover shoots in Karlskrona, from conceptualizing themes for the shoots, to meeting our ‘clients’ (lol, they are our friends), planning the makeup and outfits, choosing locations to finally taking and editing the photos. Some of u might know that I set up a lifestyle blog with my dear friend and SH has been helping me take all the photos I need for the blog. Here are some photos from my recent posts at ftashion.

I’m loving this experience. I feel like now with the full support (not just moral support) from SH, I have more confidence and motivation to pursue makeup and possibly make this passion my full time job in the future.


This is a slow and boring week

The frequency of posts here reflects either high activity or low activity during the week. It’s the latter for this week. There aren’t much interesting things going on – just the usual teaching in school, working in the bridal shop and cooking at home. And SH and I were both down with flu. Oh, I remembered we visited the annual Kivik Apple Festival and Ale Stanar last Saturday. When the photos are ready, I’ll blog about it! Ha this week isn’t so eventless after all. It must be the flu that makes this week seem so boring and slow.

I’m (almost) all well now and it’s Friday! Hopefully it will be a great weekend. How was your week? Tell me about it!

Kungsholmen fortress

We saw photos of Kungsholmen fortress on many postcards and also saw it across the sea from Drottningskär citadel at Aspö island but had no idea how to get to that island. Then I found out from the tourist information centre that the fortress is a military area which is still in use and we can only visit it with an official guide. So on one Saturday, SH and I joined a guided tour to visit this beautiful old fortification.

The Kungsholmen fortress together with Drottningskär citadel protected the southern fairway into Karlskrona. These impressive fortifications were huge deterrences to any intruders and they never had to fire a shot in anger.

The fortress walls were covered with the vivid autumn foliages. We were mesmerized by the beautiful colours. I think we ended up taking more photos of the foliages than the fortress!

The botanical garden had plants and trees from all corners of the world. The plants were collected during the Navy’s sea training cruises and the tradition of bringing a plant or tree to Kungsholmen at the end of a cruise continues until this day. Our guide pointed out a tree which was brought all the way back from China.

Honestly, after the tour, we wondered why we didn’t join such tours earlier. It was so interesting learning more about the history of our town and how Kungsholmen fortress played an important role in protecting the town.

Sweet and sour pork

This is my third attempt on sweet and sour pork and I think I finally got everything right! Honestly, I LOVE this dish but I hate how deep frying uses so much oil and makes the whole house smell of oil even after I’ve mopped the floor and aired the place. Haha it’s good there’s a big deterrence or I might just cook this dish every week!

I followed this recipe minus the pineapples. Batter was good, not too thick. The sweet and sour sauce would have been perfect if I added pineapples. And thanx to Luz for sharing the ‘magic deep frying temperature’ of 180 deg C. Batter is crispy and golden brown, meat is cooked, soft and tender.

A lifestyle blog by 2 friends

Hee, pardon my negligence here. I have been working on a project with my friend cum ex-colleague cum shopping buddy Ash. Both of us love fashion, makeup and DIYs to bits and thought why not set up a blog together and share about our common interests. To make the blog a fun project for us, we will choose a theme each month and then put together outfits, makeup and create DIYs for the theme.

The official opening date for our blog is on 1st Oct. Hee but I thought I’ll let you guys have a sneak preview first. If you like what we are doing, do drop by often, leave some comments or follow our blog.

So go check out our blog ftashion, will you? =D

Enthusiasm and hard work

[I wrote this few weeks back but didn’t complete the entry till today.]

I had a great chat with an old friend the other day. We talked about our life, dreams and future. I want to pursue makeup. She loves crafts. But at the moment, our skills are just not good enough to make a career out of our hobbies. And with family commitment, the stakes are high when we want to make a living out of our passion. There’re just so much uncertainties along this route. It’s like having a walk in the forest. Instead of following the well-worn and direct track, I wander off into woods. And I’m thinking: Should I turn back? What’s at the end point? Can I make it to the end? On really lousy days, I feel these negative thoughts consuming my will and I just don’t know what I’m doing and how to carry on.

Fortunately for me, I’m blessed with a very supportive husband and very encouraging friends. It was great talking to a friend who’s very much experiencing the same situation as me. The chat left both of us motivated. Instead of worrying about the uncertainties, why not channel the time to develop our skills?

When I went home that day, I shared with SH what we talked about. And he showed me this quote from a book:

” I once heard that three human ingredients will combine to produce success in any field of endeavour: enthusiasm, talent and hard work and that a person can be successful with only two of those attributes as long as one of the two is enthusiasm.”

Not everyone is born with special talents, but this shouldn’t stop us from dreaming big. Let’s turn dreams to reality with enthusiasm and hard work. =D
For all my friends who’re pursuing their dreams too, stay positive and go for it!

Homemade burger

The best thing about homemade burgers? They are personalized! You can stuff whatever you like into the burger. I like mine with lots of cucumbers and onions and sauces overflowing. How about you?

And nooo, I didn’t bake the burger bun. We found these really good burger buns in the Sweden supermarkets. They are the same burger buns used in Max Burger (a Swedish fast food restaurant). Here’s the burger I had for lunch today!

My new toy

I was all green with envy watching SH play with his new camera & new lens for the past two weeks. And to top it off, Mr Postman came a few times and dropped notification slips to collect parcels at the post office, but they were all for SH.

I was thinking that the online shop probably missed my order but my new toy finally arrived last week!

When I was little, my mum would sew dresses for me and teach me how to make little dresses for my barbie doll. None of what I learnt from my mum and home economics lessons remains. Guess for a start, I should do some really simple projects and get used to this new machine.

Let’s see, how do I wind my bobbin and thread the needle?

On a side note, I started sewing with this old Singer sewing machine and my mum still has it at home. Isn’t it pretty?